The Outright Deception of Public Education

Public education has been the most successful con-job perpetuated on the church and the nations of the west, in centuries. Why?

Firstly, public education has always been about governments usurping the responsibility of parents to educate children. Where do we find this responsibility? In the Bible, in passages like Deuteronomy 6 & 11. When governments around the world convinced parents that “it will be better for you if we educate your children,” they quietly began the process of gaining the control of children. The consequences of this are both long-term and huge.

There are at least 7 reasons why public education should be abandoned.

1.The Bible says that “children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward” (Ps.127:3). But advocates of public education don’t believe the Bible, and they don’t believe that children belong to God. They believe that children’s ownership is a public, or a state issue. That means they want to assert that ownership. But as Rushdoony says,

Man was created, not by the state, but by God, and man belongs, therefore, not to the state, but to God. Children are a gift and an inheritance from God, given by God and to be committed to God by faith and godly nurture and education. No man owns his child, even though the child is committed to him by God. For a man to claim ownership of his children is not only morally wrong but especially offensive. How much more wrong it is for the state to claim ownership of both child and man![1]

2.Those that control children control the future. Humanists have always wanted this, right back to the days of Sparta. There is a contest happening, and the humanists are determined to win. Parents present an obstacle to them, especially Christian parents.

Way back in 1864, John Swett, the Superintendent of California State schools, claimed that

The child should be taught to consider his instructor…superior to the parent in point of authority… the vulgar impression that parents have a legal right to dictate to teachers is entirely erroneous…parents have no remedy as against the teacher.[2]

3. Education is always about indoctrination. Who will indoctrinate children? God commanded that it is parents who are to be responsible. But consider this form of indoctrination:

Every child entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It’s up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well—by creating the international child of the future.[3]

That means that the Biblical idea that man was made in the image of God, to “rule and have dominion” (Gen.1:26-28) has been effectively subverted by governments all over the world. Now, a new agenda has been laid down.

What’s that? The agendas of atheism, humanism, Darwinism, socialism, feminism and environmentalism- “Save the Planet.”

The modern State seeks to steal the legacy of the faithful: the hearts and minds of children. The educational bureaucrats today have imposed a massive system of ideological kidnapping on the voters. This is the inherent nature of all compulsory education, regulated education, and tax-funded education. Education is not neutral. The bureaucrats have built a gigantic system of humanist indoctrination with funds extracted from all local residents in the name of common-ground education. This justification has always been a lie, from Horace Mann’s public schools in Massachusetts in the 1830’s until today.

From the late nineteenth century until today, leading American educators have been forthright in their public pronouncements of their agenda. This agenda is deeply religious.[4]

When governments control education and can thus indoctrinate the community, it means that they can engage in…

4. Manipulation. They can send soldiers overseas to fight in unnecessary, stupid, evil wars, calling it a “War on Terror” (whatever that is). Soldiers blindly go, because they’ve been brainwashed: they believe they are being “patriotic,” but actually they are being used as cannon fodder. Public resistance? Hardly any.

Was it merely coincidental that the nineteenth century, which brought us public education and the propagation of Darwin’s theories, preceded the twentieth century, and total war?

5.It’s about control. It means governments can determine what children learn. Will they learn about God and His Word, about the foundations of liberty, about the long struggle the church has fought against those that would restrict its liberty? Of course not.

Schooling is a form of adoption…you give your kid away at his most plastic years to a group of strangers. You accept a promise…that the State (through its agents) knows better how to raise your children and educate them than you, your neighbours, your grandparents, [and] your local traditions do, and that your kid will be better off…in the key hours of growing up, strangers have reared the kid.[5]




6. It’s about placating left-wing public education unions. When left-wing governments are partially funded by left-wing public education unions, they want to make every effort to maintain that funding. No unions? No money. So, unions must be placated at all costs. Every resistance to union dominance of education will be opposed by that government, even when the costs of public education are now (in Australia) about $13,500 per child, per year. So much for “free education.”

7. Public education is hopelessly inefficient, bearing in mind schools are closed for 10 weeks a year for holidays, and on weekends, and for 16 hours on weekdays, between 4pm and 8am. That means that public schools are open less than 20% of the hours in a year. Would any business operator consider setting up and running a business like that?

Conclusion:                                                                                                                                      If the church truly values its freedoms, it must act locally to commence the process of seeing the utter social corruption represented by public education dismantled, all around the world. This will not take place until there is a quantum change of attitude in the church, and a commensurate acceptance of responsibility on the part of parents to educate their children, while not receiving a dollar of tax-payers’ money.

This is a long-term project that will require the persistent, relentless commitment of Christian leaders, and parents so that they do not give up in the face of either church apathy, or government and social opposition. But if the gospel of Jesus Christ is to have a far greater impact in the world today, it will be linked to the responsibility of individual Christian families and the Church as a whole, accepting the responsibility of education which God gave us, back in Deuteronomy 6.

Nothing else will suffice.

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