Socialism in Education

Man was created, not by the state, but by God, and man belongs, therefore, not to the state, but to God. Children are a gift and an inheritance from God, given by God and to be committed to God by faith and godly nurture and education. No man owns his child, even though the child is committed to him by God. For a man to claim ownership of his children is not only morally wrong but especially offensive. How much more wrong it is for the state to claim ownership of both child and man! [1]

One of the problems the church has faced historically, has been its own naivety in relation to its enemies. This has been an issue, almost from the beginning. Eve’s naivety may have even been a problem in the garden, while Joshua did not realise how shrewd the Gibeonites were, until after he had unwisely made covenant with them (Joshua 9:1-21). He got taken in.

Jehoshaphat was repeatedly fooled into deadly or dangerous liaisons with evil-doers, including the marriage of his son (see II Chron.18:1-3; 19:1-2; 20: 35-37). Paul warned the Corinthians that “I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ”(II Cor.11:3).

Why should he warn God’s people like this? Sometimes we don’t see the consequences of unwise relationships with evil-doers, until it’s too late.

Christians must understand that Socialism is the arrogant political manifestation of a religious and atheistic faith: humanism. The results of socialism in the twentieth century were awful indeed; more civilians died in that century at the hand of their socialist government, than in all of human history put together.[2]

Socialist governments effectively say to their community:

a) “We are right.”

b) “We know what is best for you.”

c) “This is what you will do.”

d) “Sometimes, we even give people back some money, but there are no guarantees. You have to be in the right crowd.”

Socialists for nearly a hundred years have always wanted to remove firearms from the community (under the guise of “community safety”), engage in plunder by taxation, were happy to debase their nation’s currency, propagandise through the media, eliminate their internal rivals, and make war. One of their prime tools has been the utilisation of compulsory, state-controlled education, an essential aspect of Marxist dogma.

The modern State seeks to steal the legacy of the faithful: the hearts and minds of children. The educational bureaucrats today have imposed a massive system of ideological kidnapping on the voters. This is the inherent nature of all compulsory education, regulated education, and tax-funded education. Education is not neutral. The bureaucrats have built a gigantic system of humanist indoctrination with funds extracted from all local residents in the name of common-ground education.[3]

One of the amazing aspects of the twentieth century which is just as evident today, was the church’s chronic inability to understand the religious roots of socialism, and its implications for society, and the church. This has led to a widespread acceptance, or at least toleration of socialism in the Christian community of the West. What preceded this acceptance of socialism? Antinomianism: the rejection of God’s law. Any community that has rejected the law of God, quickly accepts the law of man, because “nature abhors a vacuum.”

This acceptance has been compounded by the fact that Christian institutions such as schools, churches and now Child Care Centres have become enthusiastic recipients of government monies. “Money is the Trojan horse that government uses to infiltrate and infect organizations.” [4]

If we have sat at the Emperor’s table and fed ourselves heartily on his succulent steaks for many years it becomes a difficult habit to break, even when someone points out to us that we are being Biblically inconsistent. It is human nature to justify our behaviour so that we can continue our activities, even when we know they are sinful. “Where would we get all this money from then?” we ask ourselves.

But this question in our hearts, reveals we are no better than Judas, who was an economic determinist, and a thief (Jn.12:6). “Money solves all of life’s problems,” he seemed to think, and that is what we tell ourselves. “Everyone else is getting all this money. Why shouldn’t we?” And in saying this, we have forgotten that there is such a thing as morality, or a God in heaven that we will all give an account to, who has promised to supply all our needs (Mat.6:31-33).

Furthermore, we forget the general principle, that “he that takes the king’s shilling, does the king’s bidding.” We become willing socialists, accomplices to the devil in his evil tasks, claiming hypocritically to be of the faith of Jesus Christ, but knowing little of Him, and denying His power. Judas was present with the disciples at the Last Supper, but who could have known (save Jesus Himself) that an economic determinist and a betrayer was in their midst?

The Christian person needs to know that the socialism of western governments imposed upon the community through compulsory, tax-funded education, has a religious root. It is not an accidental phenomenon. Nor is it just the result of atheists in the community, bringing forth their agenda.

Socialism would never have taken root in the community, if the church had not rejected the law of God, which stipulates parental responsibility for education (Deut.6), and much, much more. Socialism is a consequential curse; a result of our disobedience.

The schools are humanistic because the system of socialism in which the State taxes other people to pay for other people’s kids’ education is humanistic and deifies the State. The secular Molech has increased his power, and the Christians have fed the beast! [5]

Is it therefore wrong to accept all government monies?

No. Refusing monies for children for such things as the “Baby-Bonus” and Family Payments, when there are no strings attached, will not help us. What we have to work towards in the long-term, is the progressive reduction and ultimate elimination of all such payments, because they are forms of political control of individuals and families, and they all have to come from the tax-payer’s pocket.

Furthermore, we also need to work towards the removal of Federal/State Departments of Education, so that education becomes completely privatised, and children are not subject to tax-funded political manipulation and indoctrination by governments. This will not happen, without a commensurate picking up of responsibilities by families right across the Christian community, and subsequently in the community as a whole. This may take generations to accomplish. But Christians should not rest till these tax-payer funded Departments are no longer part of the landscape. They are idols for destruction.

Paul warned the Corinthians not to be “bound together with unbelievers” (II Cor.6:14). The background to this comment were the Old Testament prohibitions, forbidding God’s people from making covenants with the inhabitants of the land (see Ex.34:12-16; Deut.7:1-6). Why? Because everyone lives out their religious beliefs, and God wanted His people to be totally devoted to Him.

The Bible says that “whatever is not from faith is sin” (Ro.14:23), and that “in repentance and rest you will be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength” (Isa.30:15). Because of our glib acceptance of socialism, the church has some repenting to do.

Socialism in its educational form is with us, because of our own folly and sin; our own rebellion against the God of heaven. But there is hope for us, if we will “remove the foreign gods” (I Sam.7:3), return to the Lord (Joel 2:13), and pick up the tasks of family and church responsibilities that we in the Christian community have neglected now, for centuries. It is first and foremost, a religious issue.


Will you be a part of this?

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