The Great Conservative Hypocrisy, or ceding the Moral High Ground

By Dr. Joel McDurmon (American Dec 27, 2017 2Pocket

There is a lot of talk of triumph for conservatism these days, but the truth is this country has not seen a genuine biblical conservative in the major parties for several decades (honestly, not even Reagan in practice). The problem is this: at the heart of conservatism lies a great compromise with the nastiest of moral enemies: covetousness and theft.

Let’s face the truth: both major political parties are inherently socialist. (Thank you to conservative writers like Michelle Malkin for boldly arguing this, too.) Both believe in the creation of wealth via fiat money (created out of nothing by the Federal Reserve) and the control of the vast majority of these created reserves by government-mandated decisions…

Conservative Christians oppose liberals in general. We pretend we have the moral high ground. We oppose abortion, the homosexual lobby, etc. Yet Christians accept a host of socialist wealth-redistribution schemes. The most glaring example of this is education. Christians, almost to the person, accept and fight for the institution of public education funded by other people’s wealth. Christians will employ every intellectual artifice imaginable in order to justify public education. And yet, what is government education based on except a wealth-redistribution scheme? Likewise, what is Social Security except a gargantuan behemoth of a wealth-redistribution scheme? What is the authorization of billions to prosecute unnecessary wars except a wealth redistribution scheme?

Christians will fight to the end for these things as morally right, and yet the funding for these things is based on institutionalized theft and redistribution. In these things we accept, and through our practices and choices approve, the principle that money can be taken from someone else by force in order to pay for a cause we believe is good.

Oh hear the justifications and rationalizations roll in against this claim! But there is no good rebuttal. Face it: most Christians believe, just like socialist liberals and progressives, in theft under the cover of a majority vote. Face it: most Christians and conservatives are Socialists. Christians and conservatives condemned Obama for wanting to “spread the wealth around,” and yet most base their lives and their children’s lives on the same principle.

Since Socialism is the accepted norm across and between the two major parties, it is not conservatives but really liberals and progressives who have the moral high ground. With the exception of abortion and gay rights, conservatives cannot claim the moral high ground on the most widely pressing issues. Liberals claim to believe in taking care of the poor, caring for the elderly, caring for the oppressed, caring for medical expenses, care, care, care, care, care. Granted, there are many practical problems with the implementation of liberal programs, but details are largely irrelevant to public motivations.

As long as our government is going to print trillions and distribute the cash around, why not send it down to the most needy? Why not subsidize health care instead of funnelling hoards of cash to the biggest banks, big international business, and foreign destruction and reconstruction projects (given to big-companies without any public bid)? Why not? Why not, please tell me, if we are going to accept the basic principle and practice of Socialism anyway, why not have the fiat money go to our kids, our health, and our grandmas instead of bankers and bombs? Instead of cliques and cartels? Why not distribute the money evenly to all for common needs instead of selectively? There is no good answer.

Welfare and socialism are already, without dispute, the accepted terms of the debate, the status quo, the accepted means to the end. This sole fact eliminates the moral high ground for anyone who dares not to promise government “care” in some form or another. Until we stand opposed to fiat money and wealth-redistribution absolutely, we legitimize the liberals’ method and we keep empowering them to win in the long run under the guise of a political contest of principles.

Christians, you give up your claim to the moral high ground when you accept public education. You send you children to learn about socialism, from socialists, on a socialized buck. You are teaching your kids that you are socialists, they will be too, and socialism is morally acceptable. Don’t complain when the liberals push for more consistent socialism: you have complied with it, practiced it, and fought for it thus far. The same is true for caring for the elderly, insurance, and a hundred other explicit and implicit means. . . .

Until conservatives grow a real moral backbone and deny the federal treasury’s right to demand created billions, deny the principle that government should care for the people, deny that it is acceptable to vote based on the cash benefits and services government can provide, and in general, promote individual responsibility and accountability, America will continue decline. It will “change” into the tyranny that we fear most, yet have brought on through our own institutionalized covetousness and theft. There will be no making it great again, for the very means of making it great again will be no different than the same means that brought it to where it is to begin with.

Until we remove the wickedness at the core of the system, conservatives and especially Christians can preach all we want, but we will prove that we have no better answers to covetousness and theft than the worst of the world around us.