Father in the House (1)


The roots of every cultural crisis rest in personal crises. The failure of a culture is the failure of the men in it. A society cannot be vital and possessed of an on-going vigour if the men therein are marked by a loss of faith, a retreat from responsibility, and an unwillingness to cope with personal problems. A culture loses its will to live and to conquer if its members manifest a spirit of retreat and surrender… Not surprisingly, our world-wide cultural crisis is rooted in the failure of men.

“I will walk within my house in the integrity of my heart” (Ps.101:2).

A Father’s Responsibilities:

  1. Love- Eph.5:25-30.
  2. Lead- daily devotions, and the family worship of God, and the study of scripture.
  3. Serve- Gal.5:13.
  4. Teach- Deut.6:6-7.
  5. Provide- I Tim.6:7.
  6. Discipline- Prov.19:18. “Discipline starts with Dad.”
  7. Protect- Prov.27:12; 28:28.
  8. Encourage- Deut.24:5.

1. Christian fathers must be accountable to God.

2. He must see himself as a Biblical culture builder: think of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

3. He must see himself as preparing his children for adulthood and Christian responsibility.

4. He cannot be an absentee, in any way.

6. The greatest need in a godly father? Moral courage and resolution, based in scripture.

5. He must be confident and forthright concerning his children’s education. Jesus was a command oriented, not a need oriented person (see Gen.18:19; Jn.5:1-17).

6. He cannot be passive: “whatever!”

Our world is sick with feminized, soft, mollycoddling, sensitive males who are always looking for permission and affirmation and certification to do anything. These male maladies are ripping our culture apart. The average male today never grows up and rarely leads. He is an emotional basket case, constantly jerked around by his feelings – not governed by eternal principles. He is worried about his hair, spends his life playing games and has a therapist. The result is, he settles for “whatever.” Scott Brown, 2016

7. He must accept the responsibility of his family, and the church: church should be normal for every Christian family, and a vital part of every child’s education.


Our cultural crisis rests in the retreat of males from the responsibilities and duties of manhood. The crisis is past deferment. The time has come for men to ground themselves in the whole counsel of God, to be responsible, mature and venturesome. There can be no resolution of our world crisis without a resolution of the crisis in male responsibility. Rushdoony, 1987