When Sinners Seem to Rule the World

From 2016.

In short, the outlook is not good enough: the political class, Liberal and Labor, is failing the nation. Australia is slowly sinking into a debt risk situation. New spending commitments remain an addiction with public expectations divorced from reality.[1]

Anyone today has to be careful how much they let the news (either national or international) affect them.

Why? There is a constant stream of information from everywhere, which indicates we are ruled by idiots, who have no idea when it comes to personal ethics, responsibility, sound economic management or other fundamental issues.

This is certainly the case in Australia, but it applies all over the world. What matters increasingly is shadow, not substance; appearance, not reality.

Treasury secretary John Fraser has warned the Turnbull government its prized AAA-credit rating is in jeopardy unless urgent efforts are made to cut spending, raising the spectre of a federal interest bill of more than $2 billion a month within a ­decade.

In a landmark speech in Sydney last night, the government’s top economic adviser sounded the alarm about Australia chronic fiscal malaise, arguing that weaker-than-expected revenues, falling commodity prices and forecasting errors were no excuse for not taking tough decisions about the nation’s budget deficit.

Mr Fraser called for further cuts to the government’s ballooning welfare bill and spending promises to be offset with new savings. He also signalled that federal government spending of more than 25 per cent of national income was unacceptable.[2]

Not to be outdone by the government’s ineptitude, the Australian Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, has promised to implement all the recommendations of the Gonski Report, which called for massive increases in government spending on education. After all, increasing government spending will surely improve the education standards of Australian children, won’t it?

Well if it would, why are standards dropping, with all the extra billions we’ve been spending now, for years?

Political leaders of all persuasions disappoint when their promises and performance radically differ, but also the standards of law and policing. As William Norman Grigg has repeatedly shown, if you are an American citizen and a SWAT team decides they have “evidence” your home could be a drug dealer’s den, you could simply be dead. They ask few questions (if any), before they smash through your front door in the middle of the night and start shooting.

Well, it’s all about the War on Drugs, you know. Of course.

And are they ever held to account? They are a law unto themselves.

Get pulled over by the police in the U.S, and forget about this “innocent till proven guilty” nonsense. Anything could happen to you, such as a “full body search” (which is code for examining body cavities like the rectum and vagina) having drugs planted in your car, or just getting shot. This happens regularly, and there is no recourse when the police are effectively above the law.

Here in Australia, the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) in NSW has gone after individuals, and rejected evidence that might favour the person, that didn’t suit ICAC’s relentless pursuit.

Why would they do that? Because they wanted to.

Now we have an Australian person who happens to be transgender, being awarded Queenslander of the Year, though she hasn’t lived in Queensland for 40 years.

The Bible speaks about these circumstances. It says,

Do not fret because of evildoers, be not envious towards wrongdoers. For they will wither quickly like the grass and fade like the green herb. Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness (Ps.37:1-2).

It also says,

…The churning of anger produces strife (Prov.30:33).

I cannot change 99% of the foolish and evil things that are done in my society. They are other people’s choices. What I can do, is commit them to the judge of all the earth, who sees and knows all. Then, I can continue pursuing my calling and career, and being a faithful family and church member, and a builder for the future.

I also believe that the circumstances in the world will change, though it will probably require a massive economic crisis to precipitate it. When the welfare cheques start bouncing (as authors like David Stockman are suggesting), and all the promises of Big Government to fund everything, do everything and solve all our problems are shown to be without any substance, people will see through the pathetic veneer. It very well could be the collapse of the Messianic State. Hallelujah! That will be excruciating for millions of vulnerable, dependent people, but absolutely necessary.

Despite all their promises, governments cannot be our providers; only God can truly provide. And if a radical, lengthy and very painful shakeup is required internationally, so be it. It may be a great opportunity to preach the Gospel to very disillusioned sinners.

Then they’ll find out Who truly is the Saviour of the world.

[1] Paul Kelly, “Turnbull and Morrison daring to be Brave,’ “The Australian,” 30/1/2016

[2] Adam Creighton, ‘PM Warned AAA Rating in Jeopardy,’ “The Australian,” 29/1/2016.