Suicidal Conservatives: “Open the Public Schools!”

Gary North – July 16, 2020

The American political system is a Punch and Judy show. It’s there for entertainment. If you don’t enjoy a laugh, you won’t enjoy politics.

President Trump keeps yelling about the need to open the public schools this fall. Yet the public schools are where the worldview of the Democrats is taught. They are leftist. They are collectivist. They are in favor of Roosevelt’s New Deal. They are Keynesian. If there is any institution that conservatives should be in favor of shutting down permanently tomorrow, it is the public school system. But, no, conservatives love it. They’re making a political issue out of it.

On the other side of the fence are the Democrats who insist that the public schools should not be reopened until the coronavirus is gone. That would be a case for the coronavirus never going away. “Hooray for the coronavirus. Let’s hear it for the coronavirus. Coronavirus forever!”

The Republicans are suicidal. The Democrats are suicidal. Neither side recognizes the centrality of the public school system in extending the rule of the messianic American state, both domestically and internationally.

The public schools are the established church of the United States, and they have been for over a century and a half. They promote salvation by politics. They promote salvation by government spending. That’s what keeps them going. That’s what keeps the doors open. The bureaucrats who teach in the schools have come up through a system of constant regulation, subsidies, and propaganda through textbooks.

The conservative movement worships in the church of compulsory education. It has done so for at least a century. Conservatives believe that Americanism is taught in the public schools. They believe that the state has a moral obligation to extract wealth from people who don’t believe in the ideas taught in the public school in order to indoctrinate the children of these people with the New Deal’s worldview. They think this is patriotic. They think this is what state power is all about. It’s about badges and guns and confessions of faith, and the confession of faith in the public schools is that religion — especially Christianity — has no place in the public schools.

Conservatives can’t figure out why they keep losing the war even when they win the elections. They can’t figure out why “their” Supreme Court nominees vote with the Left. They really are dumber than dirt. It starts with their own educations. They were sent for 12 years into the propaganda machine created by the Left. Then they went off to college, where the indoctrination gets really self-conscious.

It gets worse. When they make a lot of money, they send their children off to private schools that are just as liberal as the public schools, and sometimes even worse. Trump doesn’t have his son in a public school. He sends him to a $45,000 a year enclave of rich kids. His wife wants her child educated by Trump’s enemies. The Trumps don’t have common sense. They ought to have signed up Barron for the Ron Paul Curriculum. There would be a problem, since I favour low tariffs. But they should still have done it. Their son would be safer ideologically. He would not be rubbing shoulders with the children of the superrich. He would not be taught by politically liberal teachers. But Trump and his wife are big on social positioning. Sending their son to a liberal school is their idea of family inheritance.

Conservatives want free babysitting. They figure that if their grade school children are required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, which was written by a socialist, this will preserve their children from the big bad wolf of the Keynesian New Deal. No, it won’t.

Christian schools force children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. If they don’t, conservative Christian parents will send their kids into the public schools. I have seen this for years. This starts in Christian day cares. It’s that bad.

Conservatives are amazed and astounded that Billy Bob and Jenny Sue turn out to be liberals after 16 years of indoctrination in public schools. “How could this have happened? I just don’t understand it. If only we could have done something.” Well, they could have done something. But they would have had to pay for their kids’ education. They sure were not going to do that.

Badges and guns, pledges of allegiance, compulsory education, tax-funded indoctrination: that’s what conservatives love.

I prefer the coronavirus.



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