The World’s Second Oldest Religion (10)

By Andrew McColl, 23/8/2022

From the late nineteenth century until today, leading American educators have been forthright in their public pronouncements of their agenda. This agenda is deeply religious. John Dewey, the “father” of progressive education, dedicated humanist, and philosopher stated his position plainly: “Our schools, in bringing together those of different nationalities, languages, traditions, and creeds, in assimilating them together upon the basis of what is common and public in endeavour and achievement, are performing an infinitely significant religious work.”[1]More than this: “In such a dim, blind, but effective way the American people is conscious that its schools serve best the cause of religion in serving the cause of social unification. . . .”[2][3]

No one likes rude shocks. I don’t. But they happen. Because 98% of the Church has been sleeping for over a century, our enemies have crept up on us.

We’ve been intellectually and ideologically ambushed, attacked and abused; left bleeding on the side of the road. When we sent our children off to a State school, we found that their faith in God (which we encouraged them in) was undermined by the teachings of Darwinism, and questioned by the doctrines of socialism taught at school. Then, they were ridiculed by their peers.

What had happened?

We disobeyed God, and there were consequences: ugly ones. Now, we can see it was our own fault; we let this happen, in acts of moral cowardice we will give account for.

But what now?

If we possess anything of a Christian conscience, we cannot let this century-long practice of disobedience in the Church to continue. Obedience to God always requires our action, in one form or another. It’s time for our acquiescence in the face of this evil to stop.

The public education system is no place for a Christian child, because it communicates the fallen, alien faith of humanism as legitimate, truthful and right. Over a twelve year period, that means 14,400 hours of religious/educational indoctrination. Is it any wonder that so many Christian children abandon the faith?

Schooling is a form of adoption…you give your kid away at his most plastic years to a group of strangers. You accept a promise…that the State (through its agents) knows better how to raise your children and educate them than you, your neighbors, your grandparents, [and] your local traditions do, and that your kid will be better off…in the key hours of growing up, strangers have reared the kid.[4]    

This is in direct and blatant conflict with the command of scripture, to “train up a child in the way he should go…” (Prov.22:6). It’s contrary to God’s command, that we should “teach them [the words of God] diligently to your sons when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up” (Deut.6:7). And it’s at variance with God’s command through the apostle Paul, “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph.6:4).

Christians can make some pathetic excuses, like these:

1) “Everyone else in my Church sends their children to the State school.” OK, but when did God call us to be like everyone else? He told us to imitate and obey Him, absolutely.

2) “I can’t afford it.” Can’t afford what? Can’t afford to obey Jesus Christ? Are you looking forward to meeting Him at the Day of Judgment, with that kind of attitude?

3) “I don’t know how to begin.” OK, step one is to take the children out of harm’s way: WITHDRAW them from the pagan institution, and start looking for some good curriculum. It’s around.

4) “My family will think I’m weird.” Nothing new about that. Jesus’ family thought their boy was pretty unusual too. In fact, they thought He was out of His mind.

5) “My pastor thinks it’s weird.” Suggest he reads Deuteronomy 6 and 11, and ask him what he is doing to disciple his children in the faith, and what level of success he’s had.

6) “I could get into trouble with the authorities.” Who would you prefer to have trouble with: the judge of all the earth, Jesus Christ, or some bureaucrat? Peter and the other apostles declared to some frustrated religious authorities of their day, that “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

Children are a God-given inheritance for our conquest of the world for Christ. They are a means of subduing the earth and exercising dominion under the Lord. If we give our children to state or private schools which are not systematically Christian in their curriculum, we are then giving the future to God’s enemies, and He will hold us accountable for laying waste our heritage.[5]

Conclusion:                                                                                                                                           The twentieth century was marked by something God was not impressed by: insipid and compromising Christians. Will He consider you one of these on Judgment Day?

Get out from under His judgment and take the education and discipleship of your children very, very seriously, like Abraham did with Isaac (Gen.18:17-19). You might just taste His blessing instead.

[1] See Rousas Rushdoony, “The Messianic Nature of American Education,” 1963.

[2] John Dewey, “Religion and our Schools,” 1908. Reproduced photographically in David Noebel, “Clergy in the Classroom: the Religion of Secular Education,” 1995, p.19.

[3] Quoted in Gary North, “Inheritance and Dominion,” 1999, ch.28.

[4] John Taylor Gatto, “State Controlled Consciousness,” 1990(?)

[5] Rousas Rushdoony, “In His Service,” 2009, p.20.

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