The World’s Second Oldest Religion (11)

By Andrew McColl, 30th August, 2022       

Parents are pulling their children out of the government schools. This is happening across the USA.

In city after city, enrolment is declining. This is not a recent development. It has been going on for a half a decade. It has taken place in half of the nation’s largest districts.

The trend looks irreversible.

As the Web offers better programs free of charge, the public schools cannot compete. The inner city schools are catastrophic. They are getting worse. As whites and Asians flee the cities, the inner-city schools get worse.

The tax base shrinks. The teachers union demands more pay and smaller classes. The city governments are trapped. Solution: cut programs, fire teachers, and enlarge classes back to (horror!) 1959? 33 students.

Nobody is supposed to talk about this. It is time to talk about it. Public education will not recover. The longer the decline takes place, the more parents will conclude that there is only one solution: pull their kids out.[1]

Despite the attempts of government to stifle and control it, the free-market is vigorously at work in education in the US, and around the world. And what’s it saying? Public education is inflexible, bureaucratically driven, union-dominated, ineffective, and frightfully expensive.

A student enrolled in public education costs the Australian taxpayer about $20,000 annually. When that child is home schooled by his parents, it costs the taxpayer nothing. Sometime, (and it may require an economic crash to bring it about), the economic realities of public education are going to strike home, and they won’t be comforting for public-school teachers, who thought they had security of tenure.

Governments have believed this lie: the more you spend on education, the more you must be committed to it. That’s very convenient when you’re part of an extremely inefficient and expensive public education system. But that nonsense is going to go out the window, when governments do the sums and figure this out: when families home school their children, it costs the government nothing.

All of this is good, and positive; in fact, it will be huge. Why? Because governments have monopolised education for over a century, saying, “We will deal with this, on your behalf, with your tax monies.”

Well, thank you Mr Government, but you haven’t dealt with this one very well. In fact, western governments have done a perfect job of showing they just don’t have the grace from God for this.


Because God gives grace to parents to educate children, not governments; it is a parental responsibility, according to the Bible. Where responsibility rests, authority lies, and with authority comes grace.

Big changes are going to happen over the next generation in education, and it will be exciting to behold. A sharp rise in private sector involvement, particularly in home schooling, and a corresponding decline in government controlled and funded education.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be some fights, no sir. The educational establishment won’t take this one lying down. They’ll see the bull-dozer coming at their house, and will throw everything at it. But that is all part of what needs to happen; public debate on a very important subject- the future of our children, and society as a whole.

Educational freedom is a great thing, and we will see a great deal more of it in the west, soon. It is going to facilitate the preaching and growth of the Christian faith, the strength and positive development of the Christian family, and the growth of the Church.

The potential outcomes are exciting. The collapse of the false religion of humanism, a tremendous saving to the taxpayer, and cultural changes over time that will be remarkable.

Will you be part of it?

[1] Gary North, “Exodus Out of Tax-Funded Schools in Major Cities,” Lew Rockwell website, 26/7/2012.

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