Are Your Kids in Public Schools?

By Gary North (1942-2022,, 17/3/2015

Although I would love to homeschool, we are located in one of the top five school districts in the state. I supplemented their education with the Robinson Curriculum and the Ron Paul course, (when it was free). We are less than a half mile from both the MS and HS.

We are Christians, so my wife and I try to monitor what they are being taught. Unfortunately, Common Core is firmly in place here. A lot of the teachers live in our community, so they are also trying to spot some of the offensive things that may be taught. We are in a conservative county.

I travel for work 4 days a week, my wife works. I would love to homeschool, (or at the very least, have my kids avoid all of the darn tests that the state is making them take).

This man should not have dime invested in gold or silver. He should not have a dime in the stock market. He should not have a dime invested in the bond market. He should not have any real estate, including his own home. He should rent.

He should take every dime he has, and he should enroll his children in a private school, preferably a Christian day school. He wants his wife to work, so she cannot teach at home. He will not teach at home. So there’s only one choice left him: put the kids in an expensive private school.

In any case, no matter what the price of gold is, no matter what his savings account is, no matter what he has in his 401(k), no matter what he has in an IRA, no matter what he owns, he should sell every dime of it, tomorrow, until he can afford to get his kids out of the public schools.

When his kids are out of the public schools, he can start thinking about his investment portfolio. But until then, he is funding his investment portfolio by sending his kids into the enemy camp of the public school system, where humanism, relativism, hooking up sexually, and drugs are a way of life.

If he thinks that this country is facing an economic crisis, why would he send his kids into a public school, where the kids are taught Keynesianism?

If he thinks that this country has been hijacked by the Left, and that he has to join a website like this, why would he send his kids into a public school, where the textbooks are going to teach him that Franklin Roosevelt saved capitalism from itself, and that the New Deal was the way America avoided a Communist revolution?

If he thinks that the cultural foundations of this society are coming apart at the seams, why would he send a child into the public schools, where the English teachers are going to teach some version of situation ethics, situation meaning, post-modernism, and deconstruction? When the child gets into the public schools, he is going to be taught in English classes that there is no ultimate meaning. He is going to be taught that we make up our own interpretations of whatever we read, or whatever the picture is on the wall. We autonomously impute meaning to everything around us, and there are no fundamental standards, meaning ultimately religious standards, that govern our interpretation of anything.

This is what teachers who are employed by the public schools teach. There may be some older teachers who have not bought into this, but it is unpredictable as to whether a child is going to be instructed by any of these teachers. The odds are, the child will get a mixture teachers, and the curriculum is in this sense schizophrenic.

His kids will be trapped in a massive new experiment called the Common Core curriculum. Nobody else knows how to teach math, according to the Common Core standards. Everything that the public schools have taught in the past has been wrong, according to this new view. All the methodology that had been taught before, with the possible exception of the New Math, is to be scrapped. It wasn’t good enough. It was always second rate. Now the revolutionaries are going to clean things up.

As a result, the teaching is incoherent. There will be older teachers, who teach the old system, and newer teachers, who will do their best to undermine the old system. A power battle between two rival views of proper curriculum has broken out. Out of this conflict, the student is supposed to make up his own mind. Yet he will be told in the English department that there isn’t any truth out there which will help him make up his mind.

He is going to be educated in terms of textbooks. The textbooks are written by liberals in New York City publishing houses, and then screened by committees of liberals, who do their best to evade the mild controls imposed by the Texas state textbook committee, which is an elected committee.

For a century, the Left has controlled the public schools, yet this man has not figured out that he has to get his kids out of the public schools. His wife ought to homeschool, which she can do for about $500 a year per student, or less, by using the Ron Paul Curriculum. At the high school level, this requires her to read a couple of 100 word essays each week. That’s all she needs to do. The instructors handle everything else. But, instead, he sends his wife to work, so that he can invest, invest, invest.

I think your primary investment in life is your children’s education, at least until they are adults. Once they are legally adults, they should be in a position to make up their own minds. You can fund their education or not, depending on your assessment of the quality of the education your children want you to pay for. But while they are minors, and you are legally in charge of them, you have to make your decision in terms of what you believe, and that means you had better have control over the curriculum. You had better be able to choose the curriculum you want, and not have the curriculum shoved down your throat by agents of the state.

Why would anybody send his kids into the public school system, and also send his wife off to work? Why would the wife agree to go to work under these conditions? Why would anyone abandon her children, sending those children to be taught by people who believe in nothing that she believes, to be indoctrinated for 12 years by a system that is run by secular humanists, and virtually all of them are leftists? Here is an institution run by the teachers union in cooperation with the superintendent of public instruction. Meanwhile, the United States Supreme Court determines what shall be taught and what shall not be taught.

This is why the conservative movement is a sham. This is why most of American fundamentalism is a sham. These people have made their peace with the enemy. They have made their peace with the state. They have made their peace with progressive education, which has been at war with conservatism in Christianity ever since 1837.

They will not sit down and read Rushdoony’s Messianic Character of American Education. They will not sit down and read John Taylor Gatto’s book, The Underground History of American Education. That might make them feel guilty, and they don’t want to feel guilty. They want money. So, they sacrifice their children on the altar of upper-middle-class income.

For anybody who does this, I don’t have any investment advice except what I provided in this article. If this investment advice doesn’t sound reasonable to you, then I don’t think anything I would say about peripheral matters will sound reasonable. Peripheral matters are: gold, silver, bonds, real estate, 401(k) accounts, IRAs, and foreign currencies.

I have listened to all the excuses for over 50 years. I read Rushdoony’s book, Intellectual Schizophrenia, in the spring of 1962, the year after it was published. It presented a comprehensive case against the religious and moral legitimacy of compulsory public education. I understood it then, and I have not changed my mind. That is why, in 1986, I published Robert Thoburn’s book, The Children Trap.

First things first. Take care of first things first. Distinguish the fundamental from the peripheral, and then take care of the fundamental. Christian parents should begin with this movie: IndoctriNation.

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