Children Don’t Need School (11)

By Andrew McColl, 24th January, 2023

Biblical economics affirms that children are a blessing, since they are a form of social capital. Men are to become effective stewards of God’s resources. They are to invest in their children by constantly training them in the precepts of biblical law (Deut.6:7). They are to encourage them to take up a productive calling before God. But parents are entitled to a return on their investment. Children are supposed to provide for their parents in the latters’ old age. Parents are therefore to be honored (Ex.20:12). Honoring God involves giving one’s financial substance (Prov.3:9). Parents are also deserving of this financial honor.

Jesus strongly criticized the Pharisees of His day for their denial of this law, in the name of tradition. They refused to support their parents by claiming that they were themselves without assets, having “given to God” all that they had (Mark 7:6-13). This “higher spirituality” in defiance of God’s law was repudiated by Christ.

Children must support aged parents. The parents get the financial security they deserve; their investment in their children is returned to them in direct fashion. This increases the likelihood that parents will honor their obligations while their children are young. The family becomes a trans-generational economic unit-one worth investing in.[1]

The Christian person is obligated to hear the word of God and obey it. Logically, there will be occasions when he finds that his structures of belief and action lack Biblical integrity, and he needs to change.

God doesn’t need to change what He thinks and does. We do, for we are His servants, and as we grow in the faith, we learn. Christian maturity presupposes we’ll need to change to conform to His perfect will, and this will inevitably involve our attitudes to money, assets and giving. It also involves our family, and our children.

“Constantly training them in the precepts of biblical law…” means that children will figure out that the scriptures are extremely practical, relevant documents, designed to be understood and applied, right throughout the community. This commences with the Ten Commandments[2], with all their applications to life, then should continue to our utilization of the case laws (Ex.21-23).[3]

These help us to see how God has structured His Word to be extremely practical. We aren’t to be like blind men, intellectually groping around for some kind of truth, but to seek out  scriptural instruction. That was the intention of us having His word, from the beginning.

The Psalmist wrote,

Give me understanding, that I may observe Your law and keep it with all my heart (Ps.119:34).

Biblical law will show us just how much we in the church have walked away from His Word. Every part of the absolute nonsense that most of the world is enduring today over “Corona-19,” which is simply a flu variant, has to do with God’s people refusing to be instructed from Leviticus 13 and 14, which deals with laws relating to contagious diseases.

God spoke to Israel through the prophet Amos,

…For three transgression of Judah and for four I will not revoke its punishment, because they have rejected the law of the Lord and have not kept His statutes… (Amos 2:4).

In summary, if there was a pandemic (which we don’t have today anywhere), only those verified as infected were to undergo restrictions. Taking note of these, we could have instructed governments to refrain from the awful folly of “Lockdowns,” of enforced wearing of masks, closing state borders, forcing healthy people to quit their jobs, and the multitude of other shocking intrusions into our liberties, so that the community could go on in its normal, unmolested state. And this would be just the beginning.

And if governments refused?

The church could and should have taken the lead from the pulpit, exposing the dreadful abuse of the community being perpetrated through lockdowns, and leading a vigorous, fearless opposition, in defiance of these political monsters. Today, there remains much to do, for the economic and social costs alone, have been astronomical.

Paul Craig Roberts explained recently how:

Virologist Marc G. Wathelet provides 13 reasons that the Covid virus is not, and has not been, sufficiently dangerous to require extraordinary measures such as lockdowns, masks, and vaccination with an unsafe experimental “vaccine.”

Dr. Wathelet points out that Covid’s lethality is on a par with the seasonal flue. He notes that according to the CDC, 99% of all Covid deaths had at least one comorbidity and 95% had multiple comorbidities. It is also a fact that most of those who did die did so because treatment with effective and safe cures, such as HCQ and Ivermectin, was withheld.

Dr. Wathelet notes that the evidence is conclusive that the limited and short-term protection from the vaccine is offset by the vaccine’s “shedding,” that is, the vaccine promotes rather than limits contamination. Moreover, as scientists independent of Big Pharma and NIH have established, the “vaccine” damages the innate immune system and leaves the vaccinated more vulnerable than the unvaccinated to Covid, other viruses and diseases such as cancer.[4]


Educating our children at home requires that sensible parents seriously consider what they believe and why, and what they want to communicate to their children. It means we have to go and seek out what the Bible says about a host of important subjects (like economics, health, taxation, defence and foreign policy) that may be new areas of study and understanding to us. And that means investigating the many godly authors who have gone and done their work, leaving it to posterity.

This will be good for us, our families, the church, and the community. And social health and harmony will be the consequence, because “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…” (Ps.33:12).

And children don’t need school.

[1]Gary North, “The Dominion Covenant,” 1987, p.170-71.

[2]Rousas Rushdoony, “The Institutes of Biblical Law,” 1973.

[3]Gary North, “Tools of Dominion: the Case Laws of Exodus,” 1999.

[4] Paul Craig Roberts, “Many Have Died from Being Hoodwinked by Media Orchestration of a Deadly Covid Pandemic,” (, 11th December, 2021.

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