About Us

Andrew McColl grew up on a farm in central-west NSW, and Sue McColl in the Blue Mountains of NSW. They both became Christians in the early seventies, and met when they attended Bible School in the Blue Mountains. They married in 1979, and that year some friends who were expanding their farming operations in south-west Western Australia, offered Andrew employment there.

What We Do
Andrew and Sue McColl’s great concern is to help Christian families, who are faced with many challenges today. Parents are sometimes unsure of their role and responsibilities, in such things as discipline, education, and the training of children to fulfil their life’s calling. What does the Bible teach? This is where we want to help people, who are struggling with conflicting messages coming from the world, and sometimes the church.

Our goal is firstly, to write material that may assist parents to understand what are their God-ordained responsibilities, and how these should be implemented.

Secondly, we are developing opportunities to access good family material by other Christian writers.

Thirdly, we are willing to provide assistance to families, on a personal basis. This would largely be by email. Sometimes, depending on geography, we may be able to visit people.

The Way We Work
I wish to write material that hopefully, will be helpful for families. To deal with issues that impact on the health and welfare of families, directly or indirectly. To me, this is presenting “the gospel without charge.” (I Cor.9:18)

I hope that people who read my material will give feedback. They may want to ask questions. I’m happy to receive emails, and they don’t have to be complementary! I’m happy to respond to all emails. That way, people get to know what sort of person they are dealing with, and if they want to continue dealing with me. I do want to be able to help people personally; we all have our personal problems, and sometimes we need to have someone else to refer matters to. I have needed to do that, and still do.

With that in mind, I wish to establish a client base: people who
a) have found what I am writing to be useful, and
b) are happy to pay an annual fee, for assistance in relation to their family challenges.

Not everyone has appropriate pastoral care available to them, in their locality, throughout the world. Care for families, means the opportunity for regular, (or irregular) contact by email, or letter, or phone conversation, when the need arises, to deal with some family or personal problems.

The Bible says “you shall not muzzle the ox while he is threshing;” that “those who proclaim the gospel [are] to get their living from the gospel,” (I Cor.9:9,14) and that “the one who is taught the word is to share all good things with the one who teaches him.” (Gal.6:6)

Our Feedback
” I can think of no other couple and family with the grace and faith that you have to initiate this important ministry. I will pray that God blesses and guides you in His essential work.”

“Our family came to know Andrew and Sue McColl through our journey of learning to teach our children at home. We have been blessed by their friendship and have been encouraged and helped a great deal by their godly wisdom. I have found them especially encouraging with our homeschooling, and I have learned a lot that there is honour in being a Mum who stays at home to help her husband to raise their children. It is good to get encouragement to do this job that the world seems to think is insignificant.”
Karen, NSW.

“My wife and I have known Andrew and Sue McColl for the past eight years in both a professional capacity and a personal relationship. Our children have grown to love both Andrew and Sue over the years, as we have had many interactions with them.
On a more personal level, we have spent time in their home, sharing about the things of the Lord, and they have personally invested of their time and substance into our lives. They have three wonderful boys who have been an inspiration for our boys, needless to say a bundle of fun. We would have no hesitation in saying that their family stands as a testimony to the strong Christian family values, which they uphold.”
Albert & Clare, Queensland.

“My wife and I have known Andrew and Sue for around 6 years, through mutual friends and in a home fellowship environment. We have found them to be very sincere and genuine in their Christian life. They have encouraged us in dealing with family issues, which they share from the heart. They have a lot of experience and wisdom for those who are seeking good godly advice.”
Ralph, Tasmania.