Dear Andrew and Sue,
Our family have been home educating using ACE for about 17 years and our oldest three children have graduated Year 12 with very sound academic understanding. The reality is they truly love the Lord Jesus and have been encouraged by the daily Biblical input found in the PACEs and the whole procedures of ACE philosophy, Our oldest son is employed in a distribution company for the mining industry. (During his school years he studied and worked part-time in warehousing and distribution). He has recently been promoted because he as shown hard work and an interest in learning. Our second oldest has earned a Bachelor of Commerce from USQ (By distance) and is currently working doing personal tax returns as her next step to qualifications as an accountant. Number 3 has just started studying IT with USQ (also Distance) and has been working with his dad for the past couple of years and “sharing” the time helping dad with our fourth son who is working at completing his year 12 next year.

It was a privilege to have met you during your time with ACA and we delight to encourage all Christians to train their children in Biblical faith and holiness. Taking the step to home educate requires commitment but with endurance, we see the good fruit. It may seem “brave” but humbling. We have the experience of the effectiveness of ACE in home education and we have not found any other approach as liberating for our Christian family life.

The person with the experience is not at the mercy of the person with the theory.
Judy, Brisbane North


Thank you again to Andrew for taking time to talk to me about our future education choices. I really appreciated his wisdom and direction, and I appreciate the time you took to thoughtfully help me in considering our options for our kid’s education.
I’m excited about working with you next year in this new adventure for us in homeschooling.


“It was great catching up with you guys and meeting the other 2 families. It was a real insight seeing the other kids interact so normally, especially with the adults and has reinforced our views on the benefits of homeschooling. Looking forward to meeting other like minded families.”
K.W., Qld.


“My daughter *, who is * years old and currently in grade * at a local * state school, is having extreme difficulty at school.  Her peers are giving her a hard time and she is reacting violently when it all becomes too much for her to handle.  School is not a safe and secure place for her, indeed it never has been.”  S. W.

“I am now becoming quite excited about homeschooling my children, I guess my confidence has increased with my knowledge through the Home Educator’s Manual, [and I] have read great things about the ACE curriculum…” S. W.


Dear Andrew and Sue,
I thought I would let you know that * has decided on doing the Golden Lamb Award for next year’s [ACE Student ] Convention. Amazing how a trophy can make * stretch himself to that kind of memorization. I pray he doesn’t lose heart! I decided to work on a 40 week plan so it works out that he has to add on three verses a day. So tonight he came out and said his first three verses of John 1.

A long way to go but I’m impressed. Just remind me of this email in several months time when I suspect we might get weary and I am trying to keep * enthusiastic as he is now.

* is happy to do another Silver Apple Award and I encouraged him to do Jonah, [as it is the Book which will be used next year for Bible Bowl ].

Thank you for a lovely week. [ACE Student Convention]………… you are very encouraging and supportive in our homeschooling journey. We all came home with lots of happy stories to share with *   and the children are just glowing with a joy that I wish I could bottle.  We are still humming that tune ‘ Heaven is a Wonderful Place’. Bless you and we keep praying for your ministry to grow.
Mrs V. Qld.


The comments were made during a phone conversation.

  •    “I looked at the Hebron website and knew you were committed”.
  •    “I know I’ve come to the right place.”
  •    “I wanted some personal interaction”.

Mrs C.   W.A.

“Thank you for your support and contact through this year. Even though we are not in touch much, it is very reassuring to know that you & Sue are right behind us.

It is a real blessing to know that we are linked with you for advice and support  when needed– you know our family; you know homeschooling and you know ACE curriculum – plus you know boys!!
That’s great”.
Mrs. S. Qld.

” I can think of no other couple and family with the grace and faith that you have to initiate this important ministry. I will pray that God blesses and guides you in His essential work.”

“Our family came to know Andrew and Sue McColl through our journey of learning to teach our children at home. We have been blessed by their friendship and have been encouraged and helped a great deal by their godly wisdom. I have found them especially encouraging with our homeschooling, and I have learned a lot that there is honour in being a Mum who stays at home to help her husband to raise their children. It is good to get encouragement to do this job that the world seems to think is insignificant.”
Karen, NSW.

“My wife and I have known Andrew and Sue McColl for the past eight years in both a professional capacity and a personal relationship. Our children have grown to love both Andrew and Sue over the years, as we have had many interactions with them.

On a more personal level, we have spent time in their home, sharing about the things of the Lord, and they have personally invested of their time and substance into our lives. They have three wonderful boys who have been an inspiration for our boys, needless to say a bundle of fun. We would have no hesitation in saying that their family stands as a testimony to the strong Christian family values, which they uphold.”
Albert & Clare, Queensland.

“My wife and I have known Andrew and Sue for around 6 years, through mutual friends and in a home fellowship environment. We have found them to be very sincere and genuine in their Christian life. They have encouraged us in dealing with family issues, which they share from the heart.

They have a lot of experience and wisdom for those who are seeking good godly advice.”
Ralph, Tasmania.


‘We are looking forward to beginning a new chapter and relationship
with you. Thank you so much for all your guidance and for providing a way to have a more Godly homeschool education for our family.’
D & M Qld


‘We very much appreciate all the encouragement and insight our family have received up to this point, already’
‘Thank you for being so generous with your time.’
‘First thing R said to the kids the next morning when he left for work was, “leave your work for Dad on the table for when I get home tonight. I’d like to see what you guys do today.’
R & B Qld


“Thank you for your guidance and encouragement, Andrew, during our massive leap of faith in our homeschooling journey”   Mrs N, Qld.